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R/R Wineglass Sling/ Ribolla


$25.00 SGD

Regular: 100cm
XL: 130cm

Model wears regular.

R/R Collection  

The R/R (Reversible/Ribbon) Collection is woven using recycled nylon ribbon offcuts from our MAZHA Stools. Featuring reversible colourways, they are a playful addition to any table setting, reflecting our philosophy of flexibility and sustainability. Each R/R piece is highly absorbent and machine washable.

R/R Wineglass Sling

Stitched together from the nylon ribbon that appears in our R/R and Picnic Bag collections, the R/R Wineglass Sling can comfortably nestle stemmed glasses (empty or filled) of various sizes, thanks to a velcro-adjustable cradle. Perhaps this little tool is meant for only one thing. But what it may lack in versatility of function, we think it makes up in charm and lightness. Easily packable, from pocket to purse, you can take it to your next tasting, keep it on you in case happy hour is standing room only, or make everyone at the cocktail party jealous.
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Product Live Photo
Product Live Photo
Product Live Photo
Product Live Photo

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